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IXD303 – Visual Research

With the idea for my app realised and finalised, I wanted to dig out some visual research just to get some ideas flowing. With the app in mind, I wanted to create something that would be visually suitable for all ages, and that would be easy to follow while also not being too boring to…Continue Reading IXD303 – Visual Research

IXD303 – Research on IBS

I’ve been thinking a lot about my product development so far, and the ideation I’ve come up with, and I think my idea is too specific to a certain genre of healthcare. I’m really not as passionate as I was about it, and I think I could come up with some great new ideas if…Continue Reading IXD303 – Research on IBS

IXD303 – Ideation & Branding

To begin the development of my project this semester, I firstly need to turn to my list of ideas created based around healthcare, and all the subject areas that I can consider basing my product around. There are a few subject matters I like in this list, such as: healthcare for animals mental healthcare applications…Continue Reading IXD303 – Ideation & Branding