IXD303 – Sketching Wireframes

In order to begin the process of building my mock-ups for my product, I need to start thinking about how my product is going to look, and how everything is going to be laid out.

To do so, I started sketching out a few ideas for wireframes.

I also sketched out a few ideas for a logo. I wanted to go with something that would convey the stomach, as well as a sense of care and fluidity – in other words, I didn’t want to convey the stomach in a way that would gross people out. These are a few of the designs I managed to come up with:

I took this design and immediately began playing about with it in Figma. I already had a pretty solid idea of what I wanted the design to look like from my sketches, but I wanted to see if it would work as well when put into practice.

Here’s what I created on Figma:

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the design of it so far. It still needs a bit of fixing up, and I’m not too sure about the font choice of the rest of the lettering – I had found this one online, titled ‘Arthead’, and it’s really lovely but I’m not sure it goes with the brand. I will need to think more about that.

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