IXD303 – Ideation & Branding

To begin the development of my project this semester, I firstly need to turn to my list of ideas created based around healthcare, and all the subject areas that I can consider basing my product around.

There are a few subject matters I like in this list, such as:

  • healthcare for animals
  • mental healthcare applications
  • apps to help with panic attacks
  • apps to help with insomnia
  • apps to help with IBS

Overall, I think the one I’m leaning most towards is healthcare for insomnia. This is something I myself have struggled with, maybe not so nowadays but definitely when I was younger, and so it makes a lot of sense to pick something I can relate with.

I’m also wondering what kind of app I could create for those that suffer with insomnia. It could be:

  • an app to help you fall asleep by giving you tasks and games to play before bed
  • an app that reduces your stress levels, as insomnia is often set off by stress and anxiety
  • an app that tracks your sleep schedule and/or medication

There are many things I could do with this single idea. I will need to think more about this, beginning with conducting some research on the chosen topic.

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