IXD303 – Visual Research

With the idea for my app realised and finalised, I wanted to dig out some visual research just to get some ideas flowing. With the app in mind, I wanted to create something that would be visually suitable for all ages, and that would be easy to follow while also not being too boring to look at. I needed to do something visually striking with colour.

I decided to look into more retro-style designs, as these have such a beautiful array of colours – muted tones with heavy contrasts. I love everything about this style of design. It’s timeless, classy and fun.

Alongside existing web design and UX design, I wanted to look into the retro visual aesthetic more, and so I turned to looking at old magazines for help.

I truly admire the boldness of the headlines on these magazine covers. I love the bright colours and the centred layouts. There’s something so nostalgic about them. I particularly love the font styles that were used in the 70’s, with their striking and groovy shapes and textures.

I would really love to incorporate this style into my own work somehow. I feel that it would work well with the target audience – which is such a wide variety of people of all ages, all suffering from one main illness. I feel that a simple, mostly-white app would be something that everyone would be used to seeing all the time, whereas I want to try something different – something that people will enjoy using everyday.

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