IxD301 – Book Review – The Purple Cow


Book Review – The Purple Cow

Book Summary –

Purple Cow explores how and why traditional mass marketing is failing in today’s market, and how your business can thrive without it. Your business needs to stand out, like a Purple Cow would stand out in a herd of brown cows.

Author Seth Godin is an entrepreneur and marketing expert who’s written nearly 20 books on business and marketing, including several bestsellers. In Purple Cow, he teaches you how to leverage the power of remarkability to succeed in a world already overrun with brown cows. In short, he teaches you how to create your own Purple Cow.

You need a Purple Cow, something remarkable and exciting, in order to attract attention.

In this book, I learnt a lot of interesting things about the changing world of marketing. Due to the mass production of most things nowadays, branding no longer works the way it used to. For example, many years ago, there would only have been one type of tuna… you would have picked up the tuna without a second thought. However, nowadays because of the advertisement of multiple brands of tuna, opinions are formed. It’s harder to grab the attention of consumers. That is why, you need to do something extraordinary in order to stand out. The book basically explains how you need to take risks.

I really enjoyed reading this short book by Seth Godin and will definitely look into more of his books on marketing. This light read taught me a lot and has also inspired me to work on my own branding. I find branding really interesting and would love to learn more about it.


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