IxD302 – My Final Proposal

IxD302 – My Final Proposal

Below is the link which will take you to a PDF of my final Proposal for the Development of a Brand and Website for Hill Street Belfast.


Review of the task…

I found this task very enjoyable, but most of all, informative! I learnt so much about the details of a job, which I never really had to think about before. Tasks like this are very useful and will definitely help me when transitioning into a professional working environment. One day I hope to open my own business, and knowledge like this will be priceless to me. I know that some things may not seem as professional as they would in the real world, and the thing that I found most difficult about this task was imagining the different roles I would have to undertake. I also was quite unsure when it came to the invoice, as I have had no experience with charging in the professional world yet.

I think that the design style I chose was successful, as I kept it consistent and it matches up with my own brand identity. This would be important to me in my own business, as I would want my customers to begin to feel familiar and reliant on me. I tried to implement a friendly tone, whilst also reaffirming the importance of working together to make the project work.

Overall, I learnt so much from this task and found it to be very interesting and something a little different to our normal design tasks.

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