Review of Semester One – IxD301 & IxD302

Review of Semester One

IxD301 & IxD302


Portfolio Site –

I really enjoyed the process of developing my own portfolio site, it is something that I can be really proud of and also something that will help me to promote myself as a designer. The skills I have learned over those 7 weeks are going to be so transferrable and something that I will be able to carry with me, into the future.

I feel that my strong points definitely lie in the planning and actual written content of my site. I think I have done a great job of keeping a consistent, friendly tone of voice, which would appeal to my target audience. I also think I did well when choosing the images and fonts.

One thing I did struggle with however, is the responsiveness between different devices. I found this to be a very tricky task. I have done loads of research on how I can improve, however I still just can’t seem to get the hang of it. With more practice in the near future I hope to ensure that my portfolio site will work responsively on all devices.

Elements Project –

I enjoyed this project a lot more and feel that my passions and strength definitely lie more within the boundaries of creating apps over web development. I really loved how the brief gave us such a broad creative scope. I wanted to create something really unique, and really focused my attention towards user research, which I feel really helped to show my strengths towards the final design.

I spent a lot of time planning and developing the app. Going forward, I have learnt my own style of wireframing and prototyping, one which works best for me. This project has really given me the confidence to use my own mind and do something slightly outside the norm. To improve, I could definitely work on my prototyping skills and possibly work on the alignment and positioning of certain elements in my design.

I really enjoyed learning about usability testing and this knowledge is something I am really excited to take forward into future projects with me.



I learned a lot from writing and designing my cv. First of all, I realised that for the most of my life, I have been doing the CV thing wrong. I learned how to do it in a professional manner and I’m really happy with how it has turned out. Going forward I want to work on developing a more creative, memorable way of sending my CV to potential employers in order to stand out more.

Hill Street Proposal

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this project. Research is one of my favourite parts of the tasks we do, and I love finding out about new places, especially if I can visualise a real life situation. This was a project like nothing I have ever done before, so I did go in a little clueless, however with a lot of research and reading, I think I done a very good job. There are definitely some holes needing to be filled and I would need to develop a better understanding of the pricing, however I feel that those skills are all learnt when you are literally in a professional environment. I think this is a great project and learned so much from it.

Digital Product Pitch

This was a very enjoyable project for me, as one day I would really love to start my own business. I have always been a fan of shows such as the apprentice and dragon’s den, so finally getting to do my own pitch, really excited me. I am super happy with the idea that I came up with, as I actually feel very passionate about it and know that there is a gap in the market for it. I have signed up to be a part of the catalyst project, which I have gratefully received a spot, I can’t wait to take the knowledge that I have learnt from this pitch to the catalyst project, even if it is applied to another idea. I think this was a really great project as It gave us an insight into what a real life pitch would be like.

Goals for Semester 2…

  • Stay Organised! Especially in keeping files and documents together, this will make it easier to show all my work at the end.
  • Work on my Promotional Strategy – Post more consistently on my social platforms.
  • I would love to keep working on my passion- Illustrating. I am going to work hard to develop my ProCreate skills.
  • Read more books at the beginning of the semester – They really help!!
  • Keep my blogs and Journal up-to-date weekly.


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