Week 2 – Job Role Seminar & CV Design

This week in class we discussed some of the artist research we had gathered and some of the job opportunities. After that we talked about how to make our CV’s and what makes it a good one or a bad one. For homework we were tasked with researching showreels and looking at how they were edited.  This showreel is by Alvise Zennaro, a 2D artist.Continue reading Week 2 – Job Role Seminar & CV Design

Week 1 – Job roles in Animation

Task 1 Concept artist – a concept artist comes up with the initial designs and appearance for the project.  Storyboard artist – a storyboard artist turns the script into a visual representation of the story.  Character designer – a character designer designs characters based on the initial sketches of the concept artist, personality and physical traits that are given to them by the director of theContinue reading Week 1 – Job roles in Animation