IXD301 – The Grid: The Master Model Behind Business Success Book Review

I decided to partake in a little bit of reading in which I found Mat Watkison’s book ‘The Grid: The Master Model Behind Business Success Book’. It is a book that describes a systematic framework to help evaluate and refine a product/idea by looking at the broader impact of strategic decisions to help identify the core cause of business challenges and complexities. Which in turn helps bolster a clearer vision of business making.

The book itself contains over 130 examples of real-world brands with the book divided into two main parts which are the fast track section and the deep dive section which goes into more detail. I felt like I was reading a simplistic and easy-to-understand book while talking about some in-depth analysis. The structure of this book allows for a more internal flow meaning anyone could skip through the book and land on a section without the feeling they have missed huge content. This is perfect to me as it allowed me to take in as much information as possible in a short and timely amount of time.

Throughout the book, he often uses real-world examples to justify the process. For example, in his book he mentions “Businesses are like human bodies – they thrive when you treat them holistically.” He then goes on to talk about going to the doctors and instead of focusing on his leg pain they should focus on the symptoms as these can trace back to the problem. Each chapter ends with key questions that include the values, beliefs, goals and obstacles acting almost as an overview of what had just been read in that particular section.

Overall, this book was a great quick read for me working on my project, some of it greatly appealed to me and other sections did not appeal to me in my line of work. I am looking forward to reading another book from Mat Watkison called “The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences” which focuses solely on user experiences.








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