IXD301 – Pinterest Portfolio Inspiration


Before I started researching designers I need to have a firm vision of what I want my website to look like. A good way to do this is just by creating a collage of images on Pinterest. I find creating collages on Pinterest very beneficial to me as it allows me to discover, organize and save hundreds of images (inspiration0 in a quick and conceptual way.  However, I still want to retain the values of last year’s personal brand e.g. monogram, colour scheme, simplistic look, etc. Although I want an entirely new website I still want to retain similar values.

Below I have created a Pinterest board and looked at the following things


  • Column Structure?
  • Placement of Images – heros, illustrations?
  • Nav bar..


  • More than one?
  • Use of negative space?
  • Colour scheme?


  • More visual than written?


  • What typeface did they use?
  • Colour hierarchy…



What’s Next?

I feel like it’s very beneficial to me to have a set of visual cues or archives that I can freely look at to gain inspiration from. Although, to get a better understanding of web design all together I will have to analysis and delve into other people’s portfolio websites.

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