#IXD302 Week 1 – Introduction

IXD302 – Creative Entrepreneurship

Content Schedule

Week 1 – Introduction & Workshop

Week 2 – Applying for a job

Week 3 – Etiquette

Week 4 – Interview Skills

Deliverable 1 (CV & Covering Letter) – To be handed in by Friday 22nd October at 10am.

Week 5 – Intellectual Property & Copyright

Week 6 – Time Management

Week 7 –  Pricing & Accounting

Week 8 – Guest Lecture (TBC)

Deliverable 2 (Quote & Invoice) – To be handed in by Friday 19th November at 10am.

Week 9 – Idea Generation

Week 10 – Pitching

Week 11 – Catalyst (TBC)

Week 12 – Tutorials

Deliverable 3 (Digital Product: Investor Pitch) – To be handed in by 13th December.

  • Research & Supporting Material to be Submitted on Wednesday 5th January by 11am.

Module Aims

  • To introduce a range of professional practices within the creative industry, career options and skills to improve employability.
  • To demonstrate a clear understanding of idea generation and research tools for digital product design.
  • To demonstrate skills in written and verbal communication within a professional context.
  • To underline the importance of working on paper, supporting research and independent study.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of professional practices and skills related to employability within the creative industries.
  • Articulate ideas and information comprehensively in visual, oral and written forms with confidence in presentation skills.
  • Develop appropriate idea generation, research methodologies and problem solving skills in relation to digital product design.
  • Take responsibility for independent study, personal development, career development and managing time accordingly.

Tips for Success:

For this year I must be as open as possible to explore and expand my skillset in preparation for placement, some of the tips Daniel has shared with us today can be really helpful for the path forward as sometimes we can forget the most basic yet most important principles.

  • Feedback (formative) – This is an ongoing and constant barrage of low-key feedback which can be useful in the long run as a whole. Anything that I ask students or teachers is considered feedback and must be noted as this can help a lot.
  • Openness – I must be open and coherent with my designs not just to Daniel but also to other students. I find this to be the best way to develop not just my work but also my social/thinking skills. This will allow me to progress as a designer.
  • Problems – If I’m stuck and cannot find a possible outcome I must ask questions, whether that to be to the teacher or fellow students.
  • Focusing (Employment) – I must focus on my strongest links, developing my strategy and reinforcing what I am good at with reference of my area of work too. This helps me map out and create a clearer path of what I want to be doing not just for my placement but beyond that.
  • Challenges – A good method to strengthen and create/develop new skills is to challenge myself and to stretch out of my comfort zone and even if it doesn’t work in some areas it can reinforce what I am good at but also give me more experience in my weaker areas.

Workshop Task

For this task Daniel asked us to write down all the attributes that we are hoping to find in a potential job, colleagues or a place of employment. This task was done as a group as we shared and discussed our opinions around the table before sticking them to the board where the whole class can see.

I really enjoyed this task as it made me think about what I am searching for in a job that will fit the qualities of both. This was good starting ground as I begin to prepare to search for placement.

What did I learn?

Todays class gave a brief introduction to this semester including key dates, allowing me to prepare for what’s to come. Daniel also discussed different approaches I can take to provide the best content and revaluate my approach to my work. It was really refreshing and exciting to begin my second year in IXD.







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