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Week 5: Animated GIFs of our Icon

We were shown how to make our icons into animated GIFs using Adobe After Effects, and then we could try it out for ourselves. As I was not yet confident using After Effects, I chose to try and animate it using Procreate on my iPad. This was hard to get used to at first, but I used the ‘animation assist’ tool which showed me a timeline and helped me to duplicate and remove layers as needed. I found this task quite difficult, but it will be useful in the long run and I am pleased with how it has turned out.

Week 4: Iconography picture/sketches

Our next task was to take a photograph of an object with a function. I chose a USB stick as it was nearby and I felt it would work well. I drew some basic sketches, both of the USB and of some icon ideas, from which I would like to develop further into an icon, as they are very simple as they currently are. I like the bottom icon, with files ‘flying’ into the computer, but this would be better as a GIF or animation than an icon, as it is too large and detailed. I found this task somewhat difficult at first, but it became more enjoyable as I sketched more ideas.

Week 4: Calligraphy

We were taken through a calligraphy tutorial so we could try and form our own letters. I used a black ProMarker with a chiselled tip, and I found it quite difficult to get used to at first, but ultimately this proved to be an interesting task and I would like to keep practising to try and improve at calligraphy.

Week 1: Chosen letter in more detail

For our next task, we were told to choose one of the letters we had drawn, and to draw it again, in more detail. I chose to draw one I had based off a rune. The rune is called Enkeli, or the Angelic Power rune, from the Mortal Instruments book series by Cassandra Clare, and I had noticed that placing the rune on its side made it almost resemble the Greek letter alpha (α), so I chose this letter to draw as I liked that it had a bit more background information, and was simple yet effective as my chosen letter. These have been drawn in charcoal, pencil, fine drawing pen, and pro marker (with an outline in fine pen). I had a lot of fun drawing these, as runes are very interesting for me to draw.

Week 1: Drawing different letter shapes

Our first task was to create as many different forms of our chosen letter as we could think of, within the time limit. I chose the letter A, not just because of my name, but also because I could think of lots of different styles of the letter to draw. I had a lot of fun doing this task, and found that I knew more ways to draw the letter A than I had previously thought.