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Branding Moodboard from Week 3

We were tasked with creating a research moodboard into an inspirational brand. Whilst I had looked previously into the Polaroid Originals brand, I chose a new brand to research so that I would have fresh ideas in my head. I chose Penguin as I love the colour scheme they incorporate into most of their marketing materials and the books themselves, using a common theme of black and orange. One thing I find interesting about Penguin is that they are such a well-known and widespread brand that they also have merchandise, such as mugs, umbrellas, and tote bags, which are easily recognisable as being from that brand, as it is a very popular brand amongst readers. My moodboard, created on an A3 artboard using Adobe Illustrator, highlights both the target audience and three words I chose to sum up the brand, and shows the various styles of covers Penguin have, from the Little Black Classics and Modern Classics ranges, to the original orange and cream covers and the premium Clothbound Classics covers. I really enjoyed making this moodboard and would like to continue to do similar work to this in the future.

Week 4: Making 3 Icons in Illustrator

I made some icons based on my photograph and initial sketches of a USB stick. I like the third one more, but it wouldn’t be suitable as an icon, and would work better as a GIF or animation. The first was based on the first one but edited to have a filter in Photoshop, to try and abstract it further. I think it works very well for an icon.

Week 3: Anatomy of Type with Name

I enjoyed this typographic exercise a lot, as it allowed me to research the anatomy of type as I identified each part of the letters in my name. I chose Trajan Pro Regular as my typeface, which admittedly made it somewhat difficult for me as most diagrams of type are based on lowercase characters, and Trajan Pro is an uppercase typeface. However, I managed to find several features of type within my name. I thoroughly enjoyed this task, as I am used to doing similar work in Adobe Illustrator from courses I have done in the past.

Week 2: Using Adobe Illustrator to make the Alphabet

Our digital task this week was to create shapes using Adobe Illustrator, after doing various tutorials using Photoshop and Illustrator. Once we were confident in this, we were given the task of creating the alphabet using these shapes, trying not to skew or distort the shapes too much, to keep the letters looking almost geometric, and to give it our own style. I enjoyed this task a lot, as I am confident using Adobe Illustrator, so I worked with each letter carefully, seeing what would look best and scrapping it if it did not resemble the letter closely enough. My favourite letters are the D, M, and Z, as I felt that they looked very interesting, but I am happy with how they all turned out. I also did numbers 1-10, and I think that the number 5 is very sleek, but I like the way the 8 turned out, as I did a lot of replicating shapes and rearranging them to get it to look the way it did.

Overall, I enjoyed this task and look forward to working in Illustrator in the future.

Week 2: Postcards based on Collage Work

For this task, we had to create a large collage or series of collages to be made into smaller (158x227mm) postcards. The first image below shows the collage I had made, in A3 size, to crop and edit into the postcards on the computer using Adobe Illustrator. I moved the crop area around for each postcard to highlight a different area of the overall collage, which had the theme, ‘food and fine dining’. I really liked the way different foods and words to do with eating overlap, as I think this worked well as a theme. My favourite postcard is either the first or the last one, as I feel like the model in the photograph provided a good focal point for the postcards.