Week 4- Interview Skills

Today we were given some tips to use to help us with Interviews. Firstly its important to dress appropriately for the occasion. The core values to consider is to push the boundaries, have the will to learn, be part of team, a good personally with enthusiasm, user- centered approach, show your hard working, motivation and good time management.

Things you need consider when preparing for an interview:

  • What are your values? Hint- They should make your employable/ be desirable to your employer
  • Prior Experience- make any experience count
  • Under the role- Explain how you know/ with examples-(design process)
  • Enthusiasm- show why you want to work there
  • Willing to learn- Use an example
  • Aspiration/Motivations- What drives you and where do you want to go?
  • User-Centered Approach- Part of your process/ Motivations. Show your have a good set or priorities.

The answers you give in the interview, tie them back to one of these previous things even it’s not obvious. Always answer a question even if indirectly. Prepare speaking points- not scripts.


  • Sell yourself(Strengths)
  • Show Enthusiasm
  • Use examples
  • End on a positive Note

In class we were put into pairs and had to ask each other interview questions. This allowed to practice answers and learn what type of questions they may ask in our interview. We had to rate each other on what we thought they did in the interview.

This week I’ll continue to work on Cv and Cover letter as well as researching typical interview questions.




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