IXD103- Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler Book Research

I completed some research on the Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler. This book is the essential guide to Branding. In this book I found out the definition of what makes a good brand. I explored brand identity, the process needed to create a successful brand, types of brand as well as looking at several different examples. Then I looked at symbols, pictorial, wordmark, taglines & colours which make up a brand and pointers I should consider when creating my own brand.

This book highlights Designing Brand Identity and explores the relationship between strategy and design.

I really loved this quote. “Design is intelligence made visible.”


I found Chapter 1 very informative as it covered the basics of Branding.  Research,  strategy, designing identity, creating touchpoints and managing assets.


I learned so much about how companies look to connect with customers by creating emotional relationships through branding. I learned that a strong brand will stand out from the crowd. Over time people will begin to trust brands and treat them as loyal and become accustomed to them. How a brand is perceived will obviousely affect the overall success of the brand.

The 3 Primary functions of a brand is the Navigation, Reassurance and Engagement.

This is how consumers make a choice between brands. I learned that the importance to  reassure customers they have made the right choice through providing quality products and services and to engage with customers using distinctive Images.


Brands can be used any and everywhere. Companies may use touchpoints to increase the brand awareness. For examples Brands can be used on letterheads, packaging, products, websites, billboards, advertising, social networking. The list is endless.

Brand Identity

I believe that Brand identity is the key to a sucessful brand. It can be used to appeal to users. These brands become easy recognizable. Brands can be used on anything. For examples packaging, clothing, bags, books, apps, etc.

I thought this quote sums up what a good design aims to achieve “Design differentiates and embodies the intangibles- emotion, context and essence- that matter most to consumers.”

I learned that Branding is a process that build awareness, extend customers loyalty and attract new customers. It takes time to build up a reputation and become a well-established brand. In order to be successful, it’s important to stick to the basis, consider changes and take the opportunities to better your brand.

“Branding is a deliberate differentiation.

The process of creating your Brand is simple. It’s important to take your time to come up with a unique brand. What I learned from this book is the following steps:-

  • 1st step is to start off researching your Brand.
  • 2nd step is to sketch out ideas, clarifying your strategy.
  • 3rd step is designing your Brand identity.
  • 4th step create touchpoints
  • 5th step is manage your assets

When managing a Brand it requires strategy, Planning and organization. Therefore it is important to understand the fundamentals of a brand and help it develop such as delighting customers, engaging with employees and help make it competitive.

Another fantastic quote I thought was important is “We’re committed to bringing our brand to life each day and ensuring it’s continued growth.

I realise that Marketing and advertising are key factors to help your brand more recognizable.


We all know Brands can be easily recognizable through their visual identity. It helps create memories and allows you to associate products with the brand.

Brands are a form of language that are internationality recognized. Some companies just use the symbol, logo rather than the name as they are advert nationality. When you see the tick you know it Nike, when you see the Apple symbols you know it’s Apple, When you see the target you know it target. When you see the big M you know it’s McDonalds perhaps you associate  family days out with a trip to Mc Donald’s and the happy memories you created those days tucking into Happy Meals after spending long hours in the sunshine. You begin to associate happy memories with this reliable brand almost like a part of your family. This single letter is a trusted brand and loyal to deliver food each family member is sure to enjoy. How successful is that to end your family’s day out.

So I do believe that “Symbols are the fastest form of communication known to humankind”

I know it is important to  Consider shape, color and form in Brands.


When looking at names it’s important to come up with an Iconic name which is easy to say and remember. The name must stand for something and be catchy. The name must look professional in a logo and email. A well-chosen name is an essential brand Asset.

“Tell the story behind your new name and it will be memorable part of who you are.”

Qualities of an effective name

It is important the name is meaningful, distinctive, future-oriented, modular, protectable, positive, and visual.

Types of names

Companies such as founders: Ford, McDonald’s & Ben & Jerry’s are named after their founders. Companies may use

  • Acronym
  • Metaphor
  • Descriptive
  • Magic Spell
  • Fabricated


I learned how Aatagline is a short phrase that captures a company’s brand essence personality and distinguishes the company from its competitors. It is important to be creative with your tagline.

Companies can be easily recognized thought their iconic taglines. Taglines are simply a slogan for what a brand stands for.

“Brand mantras are poetry. And they are powerful tools, not just for building brands, but for building organizations.”

  • For example, Nike’s “Just Do it!” has become part of the popular culture.
  • Skittles- Taste the Rainbow
  • Budweiser- King of Beers
  • Adidas- Impossible is Nothing
  • Apple- Think Different

These taglines are easy and simple to remember. These taglines are often seen through their advertising campaigns on TV, website, social media, etc. These create an interest.


Vision requires courage. Big ideas,

This is a fantastic quote “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”?

Sesame Street has a core purpose to educate children. The show is played in many different languages, has Characters from around the World and is internationality recognable.


Wordmarks are essentially the name of the company or an acronym. They include certain abstract and pictorial elements to the design. Examples being IBM, Pinterest and Netflix.

Pictorial mark

Pictorial mark uses recognizable Images. I love the way  Images may cleverly include the company name or its mission or a symbol it uses to represent. It involves skilled designs to portray the image.

Examples being Dropbox, Shell, Twitter, Apple. They use pictorial marks to represent their brand.

This book also looked at the importance of

  • Social Media
  • Apps
  • Smartphones


I really enjoyed Chapter 3 of the book and how it looks at case studies of global companies which includes how these well-established brands have been redeveloped over time reaching out to certain audience and make the brand recognition and modern. Some of brand’s it mentions includes Budweiser, Coca-Cola, MasterCard, and Starbucks, etc. I found it very interesting reading about these companies.

Overall I found this book interesting,I learned a lot and it gave me a good insight into branding. This research will help me create my own brand identity. By reading this it makes you appreciate brands all around us and what work goes into them to come up with a successful brand. This book gives an indication how to approach brand design from beginning to the end. For examples elements that go into your branding. The book gives me an in-depth overview of branding and the process needed.



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