Week 12- Final Class (IXD103)

Today was our final class with Daniel. He went over the final things on what we need to include in our portfolio website and how he wants us to submit our work on 7th of May. We were given a final oppourtunity as a class to ask any final questions or querys we had on the the course as whole, our work and what we needed to submit. He stated the importance of adding research and development content to our Blogs. He said we shouldn’t focus too much on the Marks we recieved. The most important thing is what we learnt from the Module.


At the end of class I felt more confident about I we needed to submit for the deadline on the 7th of May. These next 2 weeks I will focus on getting my Blogs up to date and get as much work done as I can in order to be successful within this module.

Overall I enjoyed my classes with Daniel. I felt I learned alot over the 12 weeks and have developed my work throughout my time. This module gives me a better understanding of Branding and how to create my own personal one. It showed me their is more meaning behind I specific brand than I thought,

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