IXD103- Research Lovemarks: The Future Beyond Brands

On class on Monday night Daniel recommended the book “LoveMarks: The future Beyond the Brands by Kevin Roberts”. Kevin Roberts is a CEO of the advertising agency Saatchi. This book is widely available in book stores and online. It was publicated in 2004.

Roberts stated that “Brands are running out of juice”. Love is what is needed to rescue brands. This book is all about creating emotional realtionships with customers. Lovemarks is the markerting concept branding.

Kevin Roberts states the main fundamental elements for creating Lovemarks are:

  • Mystery
  • Sensuality
  • Intimacy

Brands should be giving the respect and love they deserve.


An example of this is Coca-Cola who have marketing campaigns which focus on transfering emotions to the viewers through their TV advertisements.


It’s important companies can build emotional realtionships with their customers in order for a specific brand to gain more loyalty. It’s important any brand stands out from the crowd. The company must show their best values. From what I researched and learned I will transfer this knowledge to my own personal brand and try connect one which creates an emotional realtionship with people.

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