100 Iteration’s- update

I was given feedback on my intial post by paul we told my to experiment with photoshop on each of the images. I added a cartoon effect to the images which I feel makes them unique and adds a different dimension to the orignal images and gives a lense of life.

As a group we gathered a 100 images collectively which we saved as project board on pininterest. We all came up with our own individual images. We discovered their was examples everywhere of lines. I mainly foucsed myself on finding example of lines in nature as I felt it was interesting. I though looking closely at trees and leafs was a nice concept with lots of different colours and patterns. I been to tollymore forrest park a few times and I liked being the nature so inspired me to use images from their for my project.

I found 9 images of tollymore forrest park through the various seasons on Google which I edited on photoshop. I will also post these images onto my interaction design instagram page.

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