Group 6 Presentation- Influence of Modern Art


As a group we had to select a chosen topic. In my group I had Beth, Cara, Florence, and myself. We collectively choose the topic “The Influence of Modern Art. We were all quite interested in this topic and the art movements involved with it. This topic was an evolution of different art movements from 1900’s right up to the modern area.  Each of us Individually choose our own Art Movements to research and discuss in the PowerPoint. The two art movements I selected to research was Surrealism and Dadaism as I briefly researched both before and I liked the designs of them.

  Images of Dadaism


Images of Surrealism


Once we gathered the information, we posted it onto the PowerPoint along with images. We made sure we had enough information but not overload it. We then made notes on the slides for what we are gone to speak about and wrote out on cue cards to help us.

We made sure we regularly met up online on blackboard in our group each week to discuss our PowerPoint and presentation. We each contributed our thoughts and opinions to our group discussions on the presentation We wanted to keep the layout of the slides in our PowerPoint consistent.

The last meeting before the presentation in campus we practiced going over our speaking our presentation online and timed ourselves to ensure we were evenly spread out the work and speaking parts.  Together we worked on the introduction, modernism, conclusion, reference, and end slides.

We made sure we all played our role in helping to make the project a success. Friday, we went into campus to do our presentation and it went well. I was very pleased with the feedback Pauline and Kyle gave us.

Here is a link to our presentation on Google Slides.


To conclude it is good a lot of these movements we discussed in the presentation are still very relevant today in the 21st century.

Overall, I felt each of us contributed well to our presentation bearing in mind we were only chatting online and had never met each other in person before the presentation. The lecturers were complementary on our presenting and thought we all spoke confidently with in the 10 minutes. We felt had gathered a lot of good information on this chosen topic and did not overdo it. I was happy how we sounded and praised the other group members. It went quite well considering it was our first presentation especially as a group just after we met for first time. It showed doing a mock presentation online helped us on the day of our presentation. Next time, we will hopefully be able to use less notes and be able to present more freely looking at audience. Over time hopefully become more confident in our presentation skills. I feel did well and should be proud of our efforts and deserve credit for presentation and delivery of our slideshow.

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