IxD301 – ELE – Wireframes and Sketchbook


ELE – Wireframes and Sketchbook

Branding Sketches – Icon

Here are the initial sketches for my icon for the app. I really enjoyed sketching out different styles and really wanted to include the sketch like style into my actual logo, which I created using procreate. To improve I could possibly work into making the lines straighter. These skills will hopefully come with more practice on ProCreate. I could also try adding more colour, such as a navy tone.

The Wireframes…


Paper Prototypes…

Due to the greater number of slides in my app, because of the slide deck style, I felt that the best way to present my wireframes was through creating physical, paper prototypes which I displayed on a cork board. This was a great way for me to organise my thoughts and to get a birds-eye view of what my app was going to look like and how it would work. I colour coded post-it notes and sticky tabs to give explanations of certain buttons etc. I found making these a really fun enjoyable process and will definitely be using these again in the future. I think that this would work great in a group work environment, as it would be easier to explain your ideas with these physical ideas in front of you.

They also helped to make the process of designing so much easier and seamless. I felt really prepared before beginning work on AdobeXD. It also meant that when it came to creating a prototype, I knew which features I needed to tap etc.


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