IxD301 – My final Elements Project

IxD301 – My final Elements Project

With a few days working on refining my app, I am finally happy to say that I have completed it! The final review with kyle really helped me outline what I needed to improve upon. I made certain adjustments including…

  • Completing the other elements
  • Adding icons for the “uses” section
  • Adding a CTA button to the first page
  • Change the backgrounds
  • Centre and reposition some details of the actual periodic table


Here’s the recording of my final walkthrough of my app.

Different Features on my app…

Navigation Hint

Below you can see the navigation hint which fades in and out whenever you glide over the iPad screen. It is there to make sure that the user is aware of what screen they are on and where to navigate to next. It only shows up for 2 seconds, therefore will not disrupt the users performance on the app. I was inspired by the WWF, yet again to include this feature. When using their app, I felt that it helped me understand the app and feel trusting of it. That is exactly what I wanted to achieve in my app, therefore decided it would be a great feature to include.

Informative Interaction…

As a visual learner, I always found that the best way to learn was through interacting. Even slight interactions such as this tapping motion I have shown below, make information for memorable. The inclusion of a diagram, explaining the particle state, is a more memorable way of learning. The layout is simple and easily understood, something that I really wanted to achieve, as this is something that school textbooks, do not get. They can be too condensed and harder to understand.



Keeping in mind that my target audience is teenagers, I wanted to include some kind of animation. I decided that the element’s electronic shells would be in a continuous circular motion. Below you can see the very rough prototype which I created using AdobeXD, to help us envision what it would look like…

Link to my final AdobeXD boards – Click Here

Home Page –

Periodic table –

One of the five elements I created pages for…

(The rest can be seen in the link and screenshots…)

Screen Grabs of the elements I covered…




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