IxD301 – Experimenting with the Style and Branding of my app

Experimenting with the Style of my app

Before I completed a final style guide for my app, I experimented around with different colours, typography styles and layouts…

Although I really like the style these I knew that it wasn’t quite what I wanted to achieve. With a look further into my inspiration boards, I was able to come up with the idea of using a marble design in the background. I took to Procreate and got creative. I really enjoy bringing my design and drawing skills into my work, as I think that’s what keeps the work unique.

I also decided to hand draw my icon, as I had to remember that my audience are 14-18 year olds. My initial icon was too formal and just not designed to the way I wanted.

I am really proud of this final design. I think it will appeal to the target audience very well.

Here is my final Style Guide of my app…



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