IxD301 – My exploration of ideas

IxD301 – My exploration of ideas

I have had quite a few ideas for the elements project.

As always I start generating ideas with some sketches and bubble maps. I then went Post-It note crazy and wrote down all of the words that come to mind whenever I think of “Elements”. I find these to be two very effective techniques when it comes to developing ideas.

My initial ideas..

The J Quest…

Designing a kids game, where the quest was to find all of the items in the school bag, which was going to help them on their quest to find a new element. I do like this idea, however I am looking to design something more sophisticated, more out of my comfort zone.



I also really like this idea, however I don’t think that this app would be completely necessary for students or children, meaning it doesn’t really fit the brief.

Minerals app…

For this app idea, I myself was intrigued as I’m very interested in Vitamins and Minerals and overall, the health of my body. I decided to do a lot of research on this topic and even developed a content spreadsheet on all of the elements…

mineral element

elements – research

After researching etc. I found that I was getting in too deep on the content and that I would be best to refine my ideas way back, go back to doing an app based on the basics of elements and do it in a well designed way, making it easier for people to learn from



From the many ideas I have went through, I have discovered that it’s not always the best option to go for the first idea. More ideas could form out of a self-reflection of the idea. This is why this process is so important.

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