IxD302 – Week 6 – The Business of Design

IxD302 – Week 5 – The Business of Design


This week we began looking at Proposals, something that as designers we are going to become accustomed to creating in the future,

But what is it?…

“A proposal is a plan or suggestion, especially a formal or written one, put forward for consideration by others.”

Basically a proposal is a vital document which designers should always write up after a pitch, before beginning a project. Daniel gave us some great advice to go and read the book, ‘A project guide to UX design’, by Ross Unger and Carolyn Chandler. The chapter which specifically focused on proposals done a great job at breaking down the core components of the proposal and also explained why it’s so important to write one.

Why is it important to write a proposal?

  • Time needs to be taken to define the professional relationship and rules of engagement with your new client.
  • Well written proposals provide clients with a sense of stability and protection, which alleviates any concerns that may arise.
  • Defines terms – Protects both sides in events that something changes.

Core Components of a proposal…

  • Title Page
  • Revision History
  • Project Overview
  • Project Approach
  • Scope of Work
  • Assumptions
  • Deliverables
  • Ownership and Rights
  • Additional costs and fees
  • Project Pricing
  • Payment Schedule
  • Acknowledgement and sign-offs

I have taken down a lot of written notes and tips which will help guide me through writing the content for each part of my proposal. Daniel showed us some written examples of proposals. This will pose very useful when it comes to starting our next project.

Our next project…

Basically, we have to compose our own Proposal for the branding and website design project, for Hill Street, Belfast. There is currently no brand or website for Hill street, so I will have to use initiative and think thoroughly about all that is currently present in Hill street. This project will require a lot of research, but thanks to my good friend google and the easy access to Hill street, which is already situated right beside the university campus, I am excited to get started.

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