IxD104 – Final Hand In

IxD 104 – Final Hand-In

After one of the quickest semesters yet, it’s finally time to hand in all of the projects I’ve been working on since January.

Project 01 – Travel App


Review –

I am very happy with how my travel app has turned out. I had a lot of fun designing it and think this is definitely an area of work I would like to venture into. I learnt so much, and was able to pick up new skills for developing icons. I think to improve my app, I would obviously reassess the usability of it as I think, if it actually came to developing the app it would need a few rearrangements. I love my colour scheme and have always found that, choosing colours and developing an aesthetic visual has always been my strong point. I am confident that my app showcases in depth research of designers and other apps.

Project 02 – Infographic and Data visualisation


Review –

This was the project that I felt most confident in! I really enjoyed my topic choice and I am very proud that I was able to push myself to think of something unique. I really love designing my own icons and I think my strength here lay in planning out what I wanted to design. I done a lot of research and sketched out multiple ideas before deciding on the final design. This project definitely taught me how effective planning ahead is, for helping to make the final outcome successful. To improve upon my infographic skills, I would definitely like to experiment more with graphs and charts. This is something I plan on developing over the summer months, as I think I would really like to consider a career in data visualisation.

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