IxD104 – Finalising my travel app

Finalising my travel app

After a few weeks, I have finally gotten around to finalising my travel app.


iPhone Mock-ups

Review of this project…

I really enjoyed this project, as I loved how creative it allowed me to be. I did a good job at coming up with a unique idea. I think my strong points lie in keeping my designs looking consistent and professional. I took on board all of the feedback given in the group critique and made some adjustments. I think that with the help of these comments my app finally looks finished and I have achieved what I wanted.

Looking forward, I have learnt that this is definitely an area I would be interested in working in. I love the process of developing wireframes and the excitement of having ideas and allowing them to be shown. I know I have a lot I could improve on, for example improving my awareness of how the user will be interacting with the app. Positioning of buttons etc. is something I would like to look more into in my free time over the summer, however I know the best way for these skills to develop is with confidence and experience, which will come naturally in time.

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