IxD103 – Week 10 Major Task – Designing Touchpoints

IxD103 – Week 10 Major Task – Designing Touch-points

During today’s class, Daniel appointed us three hours to complete the task of designing additional touch-points for our personal brand. He said it could be anything we wished, with the soul purpose to promote an emotional response to our brand.

Here are some of the pins which sparked my interest…


Firstly I knew that I wanted to design a physical product. Then I decided to go back to my brand’s identity, and focus on my target audience, thinking of something that would trigger an emotional response in them. My brand’s identity is to be highly motivated, with the desire to motivate others to achieve their goals. My main target audience is Young professionals, people starting their own businesses, those who may have to travel a lot for work. I needed to think of something that could be with them everyday…

Here are some of the concepts I came up with…

  • Coffee cups
  • Keyrings
  • Lanyards
  • Card Holders
  • Passport Covers
  • Document Files
  • Pens

Out of these ideas I thought I would start off with the most simplistic. I decided to design a keyring first. Here is my initial sketches I wanted to include a QR code, which I was thinking could lead them onto an app which could hold all of their travel documents for flights etc. However I think this is an idea I could keep for future projects. I now am just going to let the QR link onto an app which displays my brand.

Here is the design I have came up with… I really like the simplicity of them and think that my brand’s identity is really coming through.

Here is also a very unfinished version of what I would like my app to look like.

Reflection –

I am really set on my colour choices and think that visuals are definitely my strong point. I now think to improve I just need to develop my research and developing work, so that my content is more thorough. I hope to finalise this project, I have so many ideas of other types of touchpoints I could create. I also would really like to try a bit of animation. After redesigning my monogram, I feel so much more confident in my brand. I now see the potential I have and just need to work on my consistency.

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