IxD104- Travel App – Group Critique

IxD104- Travel App – Group Critique

During Week 6 we had a group critique. At the beginning I was obviously quite nervous to show my work to everyone, however the feeling after was so great. Hearing what others have to say about your work definitely gives you a clearer perspective on how you’re doing. Even though I know there are so many things I need to adjust and refine for TopStop, I am also aware of the positives, which gives me the confidence to keep working at it.


Positive Feedback…

  • Good icons – I think this is down to a lot of practise using the master-apprentice approach – this is something I’ve been enjoying and I really loved creating my own icons
  • Consistency in my design
  • A unique idea

Things to work on…

  • The colour scheme might be too bold and distracting – going to try calm it down and see if that works better
  • Backdrop might be too sharp – going to spend more time making it look for slick and professional
  • Trying to widen the boxes in order to allow more breathing room
  • Don’t really need my logo – not necessary
  • I need to change around some of the icons, just to make sure people have an understanding of their purpose.

I really value what everyone had to say and I am feeling very positive about moving forward with the development of my travel app.


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