Year: 2021

#IXD104 – General Analysis of Travel Apps (W1)

To begin researching Travel apps I must start with a brief analysation and recognition of already established apps on the app store and their characteristics to gain more knowledge and also to pick out characteristics from individual apps. For this I will pick five slightly unique apps from the app store all localized to travel….Continue Reading #IXD104 – General Analysis of Travel Apps (W1)

#IXD103 – Description Task

Indirectly Describing Inanimate Objects I come in many forms and varieties, I am the work of ingenuity. I see life through a lens in many different colours and angles. I’ve been everywhere and I am anywhere, even to the moon! I could even be looking at you right now! (A) I am a camera. Indirectly Recommending…Continue Reading #IXD103 – Description Task

#1XD101- Nine Iterations

For our 100 Iterations group project we were tasked on finding 100 photographs/illustrations of a point, line or plane on a chosen genre.  Our group chose line and architecture. As I browsed through countless images on Pinterest of different human made buildings throughout the world, I suddenly found the same geometric lineage in every culture…Continue Reading #1XD101- Nine Iterations