Year: 2021

#IXD104 – Master-Apprentice Cityscape

#Task – Recreate the following Master-Apprentice cityscape exercises as accurately to the original image as possible. Week 3 Original:   My recreations:   I really enjoyed creating these cityscapes. I feel like I matched both cityscapes near identical and I am happy with the outcome. This task has been very mentally motivating showing and building…Continue Reading #IXD104 – Master-Apprentice Cityscape

#IXD104 – Harry Nesbit Pocket Profile / Illustrator

Harry Nesbitt Harry Nesbitt is a English born digital artist and game developer who is widely known for his artistic talent in the award winning Alto’s Adventure Series (game) and other titles. He is actively working on new projects and games with an online presence to showcase his work. Illustrations His illustrations in Alto’s Adventure…Continue Reading #IXD104 – Harry Nesbit Pocket Profile / Illustrator

#IXD103 Week 3 – Interaction of Colour by Josef Albers

A short introduction to Josef Albers… Josef Albers was a German born artist and theorist that enrolled at the famously known Bauhaus and later ended up teaching at this facility. After becoming a refugee due to the crippling effects of the Nazi’s he fled to America where began to further his teaching career at Black…Continue Reading #IXD103 Week 3 – Interaction of Colour by Josef Albers

#IXD104 – Travel App Location, Colour & Typography

For my travel app, I don’t necessarily need to represent a chosen country, although this is what I would like to do. However, I need to know what locations I am going to display and showcase. I have looked at and researched three different geolocations where I might base my app on: Ireland Caucasus area…Continue Reading #IXD104 – Travel App Location, Colour & Typography

#IXD103 – MIT Media Labs

What is it? Founded in 1985 the MIT Media Labs is an American based research laboratory based at the Massachusetts institute of technology which derives its research from both fixed academic displaces and technology, multi-media, art, sciences and design. Although while broad, their work shows a pattern of researching into digital communication, human interaction/adaptability, artistic…Continue Reading #IXD103 – MIT Media Labs

#IXD103 Week 2 – Monograms

What is a monogram? A monogram is a signature symbol mainly used by companies that include two or more letters (usually the companies initials) to create a unique representation of their brand. How can I make a successful monogram? Simplicity – Simple monograms are usually the most efficient. Attentive – Monograms should capture the attention…Continue Reading #IXD103 Week 2 – Monograms

#IXD103 Week 1 – Bio Task & Brand Values

Brand Values Personal Brand Strategy 1. Understand your current brand What do people come to you for? I want people to come to me for premium services such as cutting edge and professional UI design. What is your reputation like at work? Friendly, creative, hardworking and interactive How do others describe what you do? Professional…Continue Reading #IXD103 Week 1 – Bio Task & Brand Values

#IXD104 – Master Apprentice Icons

For this task Paul asked us to practice our illustrative skills  by copying a number of icons using geometric shapes as exactly  as possible. I used Adobe Illustrator to create these following icon designs. We had to copy from these following Icons:         Icon Task 1 (Mines)   Icon Task 2 (Mines)…Continue Reading #IXD104 – Master Apprentice Icons

#IXD103 – Armin Hofmann Pocket Profile

Who is he?  Armin Hofmann is an influential Swiss graphic designer and educator, born in Winterthur, Switzerland in 1920 he began studying at the School of Arts and Crafts in Zurich, a famous school which has produced world class graphic designers such as the famous Josef Müller-Brockmann. Armin is mostly recognized for his graphic design, typography and his books such as…Continue Reading #IXD103 – Armin Hofmann Pocket Profile

#IXD104 – Vic Bell Pocket Profile

Currently living in Durham, United Kingdom, Vic Bell is an Illustrator, iconographer and brand designer who has been professionally creating premium and quality material for the past 7 years. She currenly is a senior illustrator working for GitLabs and has a well-structured and established online presence to showcase her work.  Illustrations & Graphic Designs  While Bell approaches her work in a variety of artistic techniques and styles, the above illustrations really stand out to me as…Continue Reading #IXD104 – Vic Bell Pocket Profile