Year: 2021

#IXD103 Week 3 – Thinking With Type

Thinking With Type by Ellen Lupton is an excellent critical guide for designers, editors and writers which provides me with a good introduction into the art and visual presentation of typography. The book is split into three main categories; letter, text and grid. In the first section of her book, Ellen looks at the history…Continue Reading #IXD103 Week 3 – Thinking With Type

#IXD103 – Sunni Brown Ted Talk

  In this 5 minute Ted talk Sunni Brown talks about the art and historic stigma of doodling and why it is important to us suggesting doodling has a profound impact on the way we can solve and process information. Sunni opens her speech mentioning the historic and negative connotations surrounding the word and act…Continue Reading #IXD103 – Sunni Brown Ted Talk

#IXD104 – Digitising Icons

Digitising Icons & Development (Navigation bar) Once I completed my icon sketches and my research on other iconographers such as Vic Bell and Kyle Tezak I then collected additional inspirational icon designs that I think matched my stylistic vision on Pinterest before I start to digitise.   After many attempts of trying different icons for…Continue Reading #IXD104 – Digitising Icons

#IXD103 Week 2 – Monogram Moodboard

Mood board To begin looking at monograms, I started on Pinterest selecting other referenced monograms that I visually want to explore and implement onto my monogram.  Looking at Pinterest it has persuaded me to research and visualize a more simplistic, balanced and neutral monogram. This has gave me a greater visualisation of what I want…Continue Reading #IXD103 Week 2 – Monogram Moodboard

#IXD103 – Sketching Monograms

Initial Problems I started off sketching my monogram with my initials ‘CMC’. This proved to be difficult from the start as it is three letters which is harder to create than a two letter monogram. The ‘M’ is also a long letter containing a lot of indents and curves making the monogram longer than it…Continue Reading #IXD103 – Sketching Monograms

#IXD103 – Anatomy of Typography

  This task was particularly helpful for deconstructing the anatomy of my name and how I can use this for my brand identity. Looking at each section and personality of a letterform and labelling it has gave me a better understanding in not just the terminology of letters but also a more in depth analysis…Continue Reading #IXD103 – Anatomy of Typography

#IXD103 Week 1 – Content Audit Exercise

Content Audit  Task For this task I will choose Amazon as I’ve used their services/site for years, which I have a connectional bond with as I have been a long time consumer myself. I will do a thorough examination of their website and how they cater themselves towards not just me but all consumers. Amazon’s…Continue Reading #IXD103 Week 1 – Content Audit Exercise

#IXD103 Week 2 – Creating Name from Geometric Shapes

For this task I created my own name from just using basic geometric shapes such as in this case circles and rectangles. I found this really interesting as I was able to create my own type of sans serif font. I enjoyed playing with my name in geometric shapes as it has made me better…Continue Reading #IXD103 Week 2 – Creating Name from Geometric Shapes

#IXD104 – Inga Hampton Pocket Profile About Inga Inga Hampton is an Northern Irish prolific product designer, illustrator and 2D game artist who currently works as a designer at cue.     I really love her landscape illustrations and how she creates a dense atmosphere in all of them. Although, unlike Harry Nesbitt, Inga has less detail on what defines…Continue Reading #IXD104 – Inga Hampton Pocket Profile