IXD104 – App Ideas

Starting off I decided to create a mind map in which I jotted down as many elements that my desired app can take while taking into account the previous app research that I have done.


Idea 1


Purpose: A train locater service which maps trains throughout Eurasia (Caucasus & the ‘stans e.g., Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan)

Features: Train information, late warnings, information board

Illustrative Design: Rustic, “Soviet”, darker tones, bold


Idea 2


Purpose: A global travel app which specialises in hotel and plane bookings.

Features: Interactive global map, bookings

Illustrative Design: Clean and professional layout, less colour and more whites.

Idea 3

Eire Travel

Purpose: A multipurpose Travel guide for the island of Ireland.

Features: Interactive maps, bookings, information, activities

Illustrative Design: Playful, interactive


Final choice

As I went through the app store I found the apps about Ireland were limited or poorly designed, this gave me an opportunity to optimise and create a unique travel app about Ireland. I decided to pick this app as I really enjoyed the art direction that I was visualizing for this particular app. It also allows me to explore a variety of different design and illustrative choices such as creating interactive maps, booking process, profile creation and other tools I intend to implement. This would be better than something like ‘TrackIstan’ which the primary feature is showing list of train schedules. This app will give me a creative theme to work towards to enhance my skills in not only design but also in illustration.


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