IXD302-Week 10

Qualitive vs Quantitive Qualitive Unstructured- open ended questions/interview Subjective- opinions Immeasurable Insights, Theories. EG Usability Testing Contextual Inquiry Eyetracking Field Studies Interviews Customer Feedbacks Quantitive Structured- surveys Objective- facts Measurable Testing theories EG Card Sorting Online Surveys Analytics Testing Qualitative is at the beginning of the timeline and quantitive is at the end of the […]

IXD302-Week 10- Catalyst Talk

This week Siofra from Catalyst joined our class call to tell us all about the placement opportunities at Catalyst. What is co founders? a startup entrepreneurship programme that helps you build creative confidence to develop a product that customers really want. the programme allows you to get into teams to develop a product that has […]

IXD302-Week 9-Pitch

In todays class we learnt about the importance of confidence when pitching your product. Three volunteers from the class stood up in front of the lecture hall and were asked how they felt about it. They of course said they felt awkward and nervous. This task was done to show us that everyone gets nervous […]

IXD301-Week 9- Placement talk- DHD

Who are we? DHD is a digital marketing agency who offers services such as web design, logos, graphic design, and animation etc, working alongside major companies such as McDonalds and Oxfam. They have worked with clients across the world since 2012 such as USA, New Zealand and Africa. DHD is very passionate about attending conferences […]

IXD301-Week 8 tasks- User Journey/Site Map

What is a User Journey Map? A User Journey map is the process of creating a visual story of your customers’ interactions with your brand. This exercise helps businesses step into their customer’s shoes and see their business from the customer’s perspective. What is User Journey Mapping Important? Customer journey mapping is important, because it […]