IXD304 Final Submission

Below are links to my final submission consisting of my Apollo prototype, Apollo brand style guide, the Webflow site, and my research surrounding the project.   Apollo Prototype Apollo Website apollo style guide IXD304 blog posts

IXD303 Creating a Brand Style Guide

When creating a brand it is extremely important to then create a brand style guide. This helps other people who may be working on the product to keep the brand consistent and make sure your brand is portrayed in the way you wish it to be. Please see my Brand Style Guide here: Recover Buddy

IXD304 Week 10- Storytelling in Design

Todays class was a guest lecture from Big Motive which is a design and innovative company that create digital products and services that improve peoples lives. What is Storytelling in Design? How we communicate with our audience to get insight into users, build empathy and reach them emotionally. Designers create personas to represent target users […]

IXD303 Creating User Journey Maps

As part of the development process, it was important for me to create a user flow for my app to show a ‘blueprint’ of how it works and how to best navigate it. To do this, I went on www.app.flowmap.com to create my user flow.  I wasn’t quite so sure on how to begin this process […]

IXD304 Designing my brand

The next stage of my project is designing the branding for my website. I left this to the later stages of the project because I wanted my brand to fit in well with my site and be able to relate to each other. To start off this process, I began with a spider diagram. I […]