IXD304 Designing my brand

The next stage of my project is designing the branding for my website. I left this to the later stages of the project because I wanted my brand to fit in well with my site and be able to relate to each other.

To start off this process, I began with a spider diagram.

I wrote down as many things I could think of that related to Apollo. The aim for this was to quickly come up with as many ideas as possible that I could turn into a brand that relates to the project.

Once I had finished, I narrowed it down to a few I felt were slightly stronger than the others and began to sketch what I thought the logo could be. I narrowed it down to:

  • A rocket
  • A space helmet
  • 11 for Apollo 11
  • an A

these were the rough initial sketches that I came up with when I thought of each of these items. I wanted the branding to be extremely simplistic so I needed to make sure it was very clear what each of them were. At this time it became clear to me that some brand ideas were much stronger than others.

To get a better idea, I took these sketches onto Figma and refined them to see what the finished product would look like.

It was here that I found out what the two stronger branding ideas were.


the A with the rocket silhouette was, although creative, very unclear as to what it is.

The 11 in my opinion is quite boring and not creative enough. the font is the same as the font used throughout the site to make it consistent, however it doesn’t look striking enough.


The rocket, although simplistic, I felt fitted in well with the overall sight and wasn’t too distracting.

The helmet was a fun take on branding and I felt it also fitted in to the overall site. It is also very clear as to what it is which is what I wanted.

I took my top two branding designs and put them on my Figma prototype to see which one I felt was more successful.

Although I liked them both, I decided to go with the rocket. I felt it was the clearest, least distracting design that fitted in the best with my site. I changed the design colour from #FFFFFF to #BEBAB9 to fit in with the nav bar and main title text as best as possible. It also became very important to me to include a “back to top” button at the bottom of each of my pages and so I felt the rocket would make the most sense here and would tie everything together.

Final Outcome

This is my final branding design for my Apollo website. I am happy with the final outcome as I feel the user will instantly know what this is without it being too distracting. I felt it also made the most sense for this to be my design as it is also used as my “back to top” button seen here.

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