IXD303 Creating User Journey Maps

As part of the development process, it was important for me to create a user flow for my app to show a ‘blueprint’ of how it works and how to best navigate it.

To do this, I went on www.app.flowmap.com to create my user flow.  I wasn’t quite so sure on how to begin this process so using this site to help me correctly lay out my user flow made the process a lot easier and allowed me to gain confidence in structuring my flow.

This was a really beneficial process, especially at this point in my development as it made me really think about my app’s purpose and how easy it was to navigate. Reevaluating this process, made me make a few changes on the way to make the map flow smoother as all aspects on the app are connected and therefore it is important that that can be seen on the user flow.

This is really beneficial to stay on track and make sure that my app is easy to navigate and flows smoothly to care the best experience possible for the user which is always the main priority.


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