Week 06- Promotional Strategy

In this week’s lecture we discussed promotional strategy and how it is important to designers.

One of the first things we covered is that it is important to use social media to promote us and our designs. Some examples given to us on what we should do to get us started was:

  • use instagram story- stories are a great way of giving updates on particular projects as you can create a permanent place on your profile for these projects.
  • use instagram post- Only use these to present projects that are completely done, this happens much less frequently so to help fill out profile use ‘daily ui challenges’

We also covered how to tell a story…

Telling an effective story with your project involves selling the project, adding value, building audiences and networking. All these things used together will help build your story.


One of our tasks for this week was to create an instagram story highlight for the development and promotion of our portfolio site.

I quickly made a series of stories for my portfolio site and made sure to mention the link at the end.

ig story

Weekly Presentations

This week Rapid7 did a presentation on their UX
Placement opportunities.

Rapid7′s talk was focussed heavily on the company and what to expect in the workplace which was very useful information. Rapid7 is a huge company with offices in locations all over the world so having an opportunity like this is very exciting.

I didn’t write as many notes during this presentation as I was more so focussed on the presentation itself but learning about what it’s like to be in a professional environment from a senior UX designer who’s done it before and understands was fascinating.



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