Morning Class:

During this morning’s class we were shown how to gather information and useful websites. Next we covered CVs and how to tailor it to the job/ role you are applying for with the use of language and essential criteria and experiences, how to design your CV using hierarchy and ensuring the layout is legible. Finally, we were then shown some examples of good and bad statements.

After, we reviewed cover letters and what is usually included, in detail, what should be within each section of your cover letter and the dos and don’ts of cover letters.

Moreover, we looked into business cards and what to include on them, how to design business cards using hierarchy, shape & colour, legibility and how to achieve contrast. Furthermore, we looked into if a logo is necessary, how to create a logo using your strengths and simple shapes.

Finally, we covered design decks(art book) and how they are a tailored experience for clients or employers, what they consist of, how to build a design deck with examples and some design advice when making a design deck.

We were given a 10-15 minute break before starting into making a rough draft of a business card.



We were tasked with making some draft business cards while Henry came round and gave feedback on our rough poster designs.




For homework we were tasked with finishing off our business card ideas from the activity from this morning.

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