IXD301 – Week 09 – Usability Testing

Usability Testing   This week Kyle did a short lecture on usability testing; how to conduct a usability test, how to record it, and the rules for usability testing.   Here are the things you should do while testing: Identify three tasks Prepare pre-test and post-test interview questions Explain the product and purpose of the […]

IXD301 – Week 08 – Content Strategy

Content Strategy This week we learnt about content strategy and user personas. Within this lecture, we were taught about the basic principles of content strategy, as well as the craft of content strategy. We also went into learning about user personas, why they’re useful, and how to effectively create one.   What makes good content? […]

IXD301 – Week 07 – Final Portfolio Crit

Final Feedback on the Site   Now that we’ve started building our sites, Kyle asked us to have our home page, a case study page, and our about/contact pages finished to showcase in class this week.   Feedback I received: Add colour to the call-to-action buttons Make line width smaller Fix spacing   Going forward, […]

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