IXD 303 – Screen Mockups (Finalized)

Screen Set

The final amount of screens I have made prior to feedback. I had a little one to one with Paul prior to our week 12 group critiques. I recieved no feedback in terms of the colour scheme so I will take it, that it looks good. Paul liked the idea of having a way to remind the user when to take their medience, this was in fact an idea put forward by him back at the very start when I was giving him the run down of the app idea. Seeing the screens dedicated to setting up the notification system makes me believe it was a really good idea to included. Overall I am happy with it but I feel like the same issues are still there from when I made the inital mockups. I wait for feedback from my peers before I commit to doing any prototyping.

The extra screen below the homepage is what the homepage would look after you added another prescription, I have it set to pending as it would take time for the prescription to be approved and ready for pick up.

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