IXD 304 – Apollo Programme Feedback

Week 6 Feedback Session

This week we did our group feedback session. The session was done in the lecture threater.

Here is the newer version of my prototype, seen in the feedback session.


Here is the feedback I received

  • Add more Imagery
  • Continue to Add more content
  • Play around with adding a help menu to show people how to use the prototype

My prototype was really well recieved from Kyle, the guest and the rest of the class. I was really excited to show it to people. Kyle himself said how much it behaved and worked like an old school computer back when there when no computer mouse existed. They also praised the overall look of the prototype, althought they did ask why the actual screen in the middle was such a weird shape.

Along with Kyle and the guest lecturers feedback, I also recieved feedback from my peers.

Overall I was really pleased with the feedback and overall opinion towards it. It really made me pleased with myself over it.


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