IXD 304 – Apollo Programme Prototype


From my initial ideas, I wanted to focus on the idea of a computer screen, either in the mission control room or onboard one of the spacecrafts. I choose to do about the Apollo 11 mission specifically as it was the first time we set foot on another terrestial body in our solar system.

Click here to see my Prototype


While developing the prototype I made sure to make the font behave as close to how bodies of text would of worked back on the old computers. This involved getting the right font and using animations.


Colour Swatches

The font of choice font used was called “Gameplay”. I choose this font, mainly because it fits the style of an old retro computer. I also chose this font because of its good blocky and readable style.

It’s a very versatile font, it can be used as both a header and body copy.


I was started actually prototyping on Adobe XD, for the first time. After watching some tutorials I was able to actually make some animations for the immersive prototype.

I added a lot of animation to the prototype, to make it more believable. I was actually very pleased with the outcome of them all.

This was my progress thus far, prior to our upcoming freeback session.




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