IXD 301 – Elements Project – Branding


When looking for ideas on how to actually make my branding for the app I spent time looking at the periodic table and trying to make words out of the elements within. I was having no luck at first until I came across a website called ChemSpeller. This app was a lifesaver, it was able to spell almost anything using the periodic table and all the elements and subatomic particles. I had a few tests with the website to see how it worked.



The first thing I tried was Elements, the outcome was amazing. This website would spell it out but with a little bit of trickery, it switched the Neon around so it technically spells Elements but it the Ne is the wrong way around. So I tried anyother word instead.


I tried Periodics, this would become the name I would use for my branding. Ofcourse all the words fit perfectly, none of them where reversed and no trickery was done, the website was an absolute lifesaver like I said.



Breaking Bad

Now that I knew Periodics could be spelt using only Elements, I looked towards Breaking Bad. I had just recently started rewatching the series again and the logo for the series was burned in my mind so I decided to mimic the logo and see how it would look.

File:Breaking Bad logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

The outcome was actually really nice, I did a few iterations to see how it would look with the element symbol in different places. I got some outside feedback and it was narrowed down to just two of them. I was left with the choice of choosing either the top or the third one to use as the branding. The bottom one was made purely for fun as a mimic to the Breaking Bad logo.

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