IXD 301 – Elements Project Changes


After getting the one on one feedback with Kyle, I began to make the changes. Most of the changes where mainly smaller details or move text slightly, it was all about consistency. As Kyle said to me, it’s called “sweating out all the details”, as he explains to me that even the smallest changes such as lining text up flush with each other can really elevate your work.



Taking on Kyle’s feedback, I changed and reworked a lot of the app, the most noticable difference is the brand wordmark on every screen along with the consistant back arrow and hamburger menu. With the consistency throughtout the whole app done, I moved to fixing layouts. Gaps around the squares and also recolouring some areas. I also cut down on negative space in my swiping screens with the rewind button placed much lower down along with the actual swipe boxes much much larger.

I also made everything on the login page bigger, this in turn made the screen look fuller.  Along with that the dashboard page, also got a rework. The two sections below the welcome message have been reworked according to the feedback Kyle gave me. I also changed the colours on the deadly elements quiz to give each block the colour from what category in the periodic table they come from, as you may of noticed three of them are blue meaning they are from the transition metals.

Overall the new design looks much much better, I am pleased with the feedback Kyle gave me because it led me to make changes that I would never of realised. Therefore the app wouldn’t of improved. The next step is to show how the app works by prototyping it and recording it’s use.

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