IXD 301 -Week 3 – Website Feedback


We had a feedback session on miro with our digital mock ups of our websites. It was a great opportunity to show off the progress of the website and gain valuable feedback from Kyle and my fellow classmates. The feedback session was generally great, with only minor changes to be made.

In regards to the actual mockups, here is what they look like.

This was the initial design that started it off, it was more so a test just to see how the 3 colours would work when placed into the layout of a website.

The homepage was then refined and more details where added. Some areas changed and a footer was added. Looking in hindsight the colour choice for the footer wasn’t a great idea.

From working on the homepage I then moved to working on the other pages of the site, the next was the About page. The goal of this page was to show me, who I am and what I love doing.

Before tackling the case study pages I decided to do the contact page, this page would have the least detail and content.

From there it was time to tackle the biggest one, the Case Study. Although having a piece of work to use as the case study it sped up the process.

With the feedback recieved, it was time to actually start making this website a reality taking the feedback into account. We have the choice of either coding the website from scratch or using Webflow. For the purpose of this portfolio website, I plan on using Webflow.

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