IXD 301 – Getting Started (Webflow)

The Feedback Session

From the feedback session we had prior, it was time to take the feedback and ideas given by Kyle and put them into the functioning website. This would all be achieved in Webflow, a web based website builder which none of us had any experience using.


Starting Webflow

Using Webflow was a joy but also confusing at first, overall the initial design of the website is promising. Seeing the digital mockups come to life is a great feeling.

The about me page at the moment feels off so, once I get feedback from Kyle I get his view on the page and the website as a whole. In regards to layout, keeping the website to the same layout as the mockups sped up the progress on the website as I had a template to follow.


Starting Over

The website doesn’t work as intended at the moment, with the scaling not working and some elements clipping into each other. Webflow is certainly proving to be a challenge for me, I might start over again with a new webflow page and attempt to avoid the same mistakes I did on this version. Let this be a mistake to learn from, as I had no clue how to properly work webflow but now I have a fair idea after playing around with it.


Before I start again, just to remind myself but I need to;

  • Watch more youtube tutorials on how to use webflow.
  • Transfer the CMS from this website to the new one.
  • Take my time
  • Follow the rules of Padding and Margins
  • And Never use the Absolute or Relative position modes


Now it is time to start anew.




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