IXD 301 – Restarting the Website

Moving Over

This image was taken after the new website was constructed. I got the CMS plan moved over to the new site, this new blank slate along with youtube tutorials straight from Webflow’s team meant I was able to more confidently start over and get stuck in.


From there it was all downhill and not as hard as I had previously thought. I started with the homepage, where a lot of changes where made! Along with some feedback from Kyle, the image of me was made smaller. I also did a lot of font changes and added different colour to some of the text. The footer was completely removed in favour for a more simple design. The new homepage not only looked great, but it WORKED. There was no scaling issues and the everything fitted perfectly.

The projects section below me was also changed, the first version has the bottom box slighly smaller than the top one which Kyle pointed out, so it was made to match the top one in size, the home page turned out very uniform and clean. Overall I was very very happy with the progress so far.

About Me

After completing the homepage it was time to move onto the About me page. Previously I has the most trouble with getting this page to work. Well, that was a memory of the past as the page now worked as intended and even scaled correctly along with the homepage. Again the progress kept me motivated and I pushed onwards.


It was time to get the contact page done, like with the mockups I wanted to get all the other pages done before tackling the case studies. Taking the feedback from Kyle back at the inital feedback on our mockups I completely decimated the contact page down to just a simple little page. Nothing fancy, just a simple and clean page with no redundant information. This kept in line with my idea of having a clean and simple website which was accessible by everyone.

Projects Page

This was a major oversight at the very start, I had completely forgotten about a page from where you could actually look through any of the projects on the website. When it actually came to working on the case studies I had then realised there was actually no way to view then besides the two on the homepage. Well fixing that easy, it was something I had completely forgotten about, but it was quick to fix. A simple page dedicated to all the project. No feedback from Kyle for this page, which was great news. This actually followed a similar design for a portfolio page I made in College years ago, which is where I got the idea to make the page this style.

Case Study

Now it was time for the big one, the Case studies. Now I will be guilty and say I have yet to implement the feedback Kyle gave me recently for this page, but in regards to the case studies, they all along with the rest of the website work well, they all are responsive and react properly. I also when making them followed the feedback from a classmates back when we got feedback on the mockups. The feedback was to change the background colour to white, as they had said that the red on the black was very strong and intense. So I followed through and practically inverted the page.



Now with a functioning website, I think its time to look back at it and… well reflect on it and my actions, firstly starting with webflow. I loved using webflow but it was a complicated start and was quite honestly very daunting to use at first. The primary issue was going in with no prior experience to using the tool, which hindered me with the first version of the website. Overall though after picking myself back up and starting with a blank slate and watching tutorials I was able to overcome the problems, looking back I probably would of benefited greatly from watching tutorials at the start.

Secondly the website itself, while being ready to use and in a working state it is far from finished. I have still yet to implement some feedback into the website, but the website will be a forever changing thing with many many changes to come in the future. While I am quite happy with the website and progress thus far there is still a lot to do and there are still issues in the website that need ironed out.

Finally the actions I took. I feel that abandoning the first website and starting again was a good move, starting over again and following tutorials meant I was able to keep on track and on top of issues without going in blind or spending hours trying to fix a trainwreck of the first website. Stepping back and looking at the problem and then reevaluating it was the turning point in the creation. It was a great learning experience though, as even though the first website was a failure I did learn from my mistake and created a new and better website.


If you want to look at the website, feel free. Be warned though, there might be some small issues present.



Also final note, the custom domain link isn’t working still, need to continue troubleshooting.

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