IxD103 – Final Submission

The following links below are to my brand guidelines and Portfolio website

Brand Guidelines – BrandPad

Portfolio – Portfolio Site

Github Repository – Github

Brand Presentation – Matthew’s Brand


I am fairly happy with how my brand has progressed over the months, it took so drastic changes over the months but they where good changes that helped to make the brand more unique. Can I see it changing again in the future? Probably, although I don’t think the changes will be as drastic as the changes I had previously made. I feel I really captured the Japanese aesthetic, it was great way to learn more about the country before my trip there.

End of a Year

The end of first is upon us, and it’s been a quick year. It’s scary actually, that time flew in that quickly. I most certainly enjoyed my time in both semester 1 and semester 2, a real shame we didn’t get on campus but we still managed. Looking towards year 2 and looking back on 1 year I can see where I most certainly need to improve. Over the summer I am going to try and familiarise myself with CSS more as I feel it’s my weakest point.

I am excited to see what comes in the second year and what topics we will cover. Until then I will keep myself busy over the summer with getting better at coding, so I am more confident in September.

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