IxD 104 – Finalised Infographic


A detailed infographic showing the population of Japan. I coloured each prefecture in with a darker colour corresponding to the population size of it, so Dark means higher population, lighter means less population. It is crazy to think that in some prefectures that are smaller than Northern Ireland, there around maybe double or even triple the population of Northern Ireland inside them. This shows the vast scale of Japan’s population and where they are concentrated.

I am very pleased with this infographic, I gave is a nice painted effect on the background to make it look more traditional while using more modern fonts. This reflects on modern day Japan which is a mixture of old and new. I feel I got the important information across, by talking about the decline of Japans population and the actual map itself shows that areas like the island of Shikoku are experiencing a mass depopulation as people move towards the main island.

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