IxD 103 – Beyond the Brand

Beyond the Brand

Week 10’s lecture was called ‘Beyond the Brand’, it was all about making physical and digital touchpoints for your brand. Daniel encouraged us to put passion into our brands, and to believe in our own brands. He started the lecture by saying the word brand is “overused, sterile and unimaginative” a quote from Michael Eisner. Daniel personally didn’t completely agree with this, but he reminded us that is alright to not have to agree with everything or everyone.

Afterwards we looked at brand values, Daniel stated to us that having a good and emotional connection with your audience is extremely important. He again stated we need to believe in our brands, I already made my brand values but I never thought of how I was going to communicate or even show it to my audience or clients.



Value Proposition Map

Below is a image of a value proposition map and it shows nicely the three areas that make up a brand.

Thanks to this I can see where the importance of each part of my brand should be. The Brand, Product and Experience are all 3 main major areas, they then overlap into other areas, such as brand and experience overlapping to create attention. All in all this map shows all things that are essential for a successful brand.

Class Task

We set a task for us to complete for the end of the day.

Design one additional touchpoint for your brand, design something desirable, it can either be physical or digital. Anything we would create would be a taster what we could actually create in the long run. Any of these items we would create for the task can create a tangible relationship with the customer, therefore, enhancing that emotional connection that was the theme of this weeks lecture.


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