IxD 104 – Infographic Work in Progress

The Initial Layout

I started off with a small surface area to fill out before I started expanding below. I realised after exporting it that the Korean peninsula was far too large compare to the islands, so I removed it in the next draft. I took what I had originally planned on paper and in my research on having the prefectures coloured corresponding to their population size. I did try many ways to sort the information around the island but I could not find a great way so I opted to having the information flow around the island pointing to their respective prefectures.

Part 2

I added the header along with information below it as an overview of the population of the country. Below that I then made a sub header for the population per prefecture and I also stated that the information here is from 2015 compared to the 2019 information in the paragraph above, this is because Japan is a very odd fashioned country which is still mainly paper based, this meant that the only real source of information per prefecture is dated from the year 2015, although the population hasn’t change too much from these time, it is clear that Japans population is slowly declining.

I also started adding a section of religion in the country which have it’s own graphic beside it once it is made. I left a lot of empty space below in case I wanted to add more information but if I feel it is too full I will just crop the entire piece up to where it ends.

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